Subrosa ♥PWYW

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Don't let the pretty sound fool you, the source of these instruments is quite ugly — A complete collection of flower-themed antique "depression glass" in hideous rosy pink, which is actually the most sought after by collectors. Yuck!

Well anyway, yours truly found a few boxes of this stuff in grandmas attic and, knowing that beauty (and ugliness) is only skin-deep, I gave one etched flower-shaped dish a gentle flick of the finger and... a gorgeous sustaining A note rang out and bounced off the dusty rafters. Yup, I needed to sample these. 

Subrosa's Combinators are powered by 6 NN-XT multisample instruments in 24 bit. You'll enjoy loads of tweakage and versatility out of the box with the Combis alone, but I suspect the more adventurous treasure pickers out there will find beautiful new homes for the NN-XTs inside their own racks and tracks. 

Hint: The samples make pretty great KONG material, too. 

Specs: Includes 21 Combinators, 6 NN-XT instruments, 24 bit audio