"The folks at New Atlantis Audio strapped on their night-vision goggles and set out for nights of abandoned-cityscape recording…

Cavernous spaces figure prominently, as do all manner of industrial sounds, and extensive processing takes it all to the next level. Nothing is easily identifiable, which is the charm of this library, but you''ll swear you hear voices, machines, swamp noises, and distressed creatures."

— Electronic Musician Magazine


Nightshift $99

Nightshift is a library designed to do one thing – set a uniquely eerie and intense tone for your music and scoring productions using truly one-of-a-kind-sounds.

Haunting outdoor scenes, steam-powered atmospheres, howling metallic drones and found sound machinery rhythms are just some of what you’ll find inside. With their gorgeous natural reverbs preserved, we captured the sounds of abandoned factories, an old steel mill, a machine shop powered by antique contraptions, steam tunnels, huge furnaces, acid baths, creaking chain lifts and more. One location even had its own spooky ass crow on the roof who makes an appearance, sometimes you just get lucky like that.

The material was processed in varying degrees to generate this original set of super inspirational effects, rhythms, musical elements. The resulting sounds range from quick, dramatic gestures and buildups, to deep evolving soundscapes that twist, turn and morph through environments, frequencies and textures – some nearly three minutes long.

Protip: We designed many of the sounds with very wide stereo fields. Experiment with mixing and matching discrete left/right channels from various clips to design all new soundscapes of your own. 

Includes over 1.2GB of 24bit audio, plus a bonus Reason ReFill featuring a selection sampler-based Combinator instruments and found sound Rex loops.

Download the PDF Sound Index