MD16 $19

Behold, our beloved Elektron Machinedrum, sampled through the fanciest preamp we've ever had the pleasure of renting!

Mix and match between 100 original .drum presets for Kong to build endless kits of your own. Every .drum is powered by 24 bit samples, with two velocity articulations each…

The standard accent functionality of the Machinedrum only increases the volume of a hit, but we wanted to make this collection special - So we hand-programmed slight variations of every single sound to create custom velocity layers of our own - making for a much more expressive playing experience. 

This is a super versatile collection, and just the right size for quick browsing and inspiration. Immediately usable out of the box, or sprinkle in your own processing in Kong and take them anywhere. 

Specs: 100 Kong .drum presets, 200 samples at 24 bit, 150MB content