Drift $69

We don't f*ck around when it comes to ambient sound design. We just don't take ambient lightly around here - It's in our DNA. This isn't that thinned out, watered down nonsense that careless wannabes slap the "ambient" label on. This is the deep stuff, the dark stuff, the stuff that defines the genre for those who live and breathe it. Every shifting, crackling nuance is crafted to do one thing: stir emotion. That's what real ambient is all about; the details. 

Based on sounds from a top secret rack instrument from the NAA labs, our Clusterform project extracts spectral harmonic slices from a variety of sources at once, and resynthesizes them into new playable instruments, which we continually feed and sample the hell out of to build you this amazingly gorgeous collection. Drift is hands-down the best ambient ReFill we've done. Hell, this is the best ambient ReFill anyone's done.

If you need to breathe some seriously special emotion into your music and scoring projects, consider this your 50 gallon tub of extra thick organic secret sauce. Stir gently, cook slowly.

Protip: Wanna sound just like Biosphere with one finger? Load up the Subtrate instrument, and play a C0 on your keyboard.

Specs: 74 Combinator instruments & soundscape generators, 300MB of long play seamless evolving sound beds, 30+ Rex and wav loops, 15 NN-XT multi sampled instruments, plus loads more sfx and field samples. Root notes and loop points baked in. All 24 bit audio, 800MB of content. Reason 4 and up.

Drift is a living, breathing, evolving ReFill. After you've used it for a bit, leave your feedback here, and your input will help shape its evolution. 

Leave feedback for each new version, and you'll always get the next update free! Drift has TRIPLED in size since v1, and every update includes loads of new unique material.