Bug $19

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Crispy, crunchy and little bit creepy — Bug is inspired by error messages, malfunctioning machines and dirty digital mishaps. The crackly blips, bleeps and sfx make for great interface elements and motion gestures, while the seamlessly looping musical elements and longer-playing soundscapes add some extra special dark texture to your projects.

Originally part of a special commissioned project, Bug was designed deep below the surface of New York City inside abandoned tunnels, steam pipes, and giant empty water basins.

Dot-matrix printers, electronics project kits, and various other antiquated digital noise makers were used and abused — with their sound sprayed throughout massive underground mic'd spaces and their natural cavernous reverbs baked in. 

The 30 royalty-free stereo wavs range from short sfx to long playing seamlessly looping soundscapes. Bug has been used in games, tv, art installations, music, and more. 

Highly designed and very distinctive, there is no other representation of this particular style or vibe anywhere.