Happy Halloween from NAA!

We've put together a really nice selection of specials, deals, and bundles for you. There's even a chance to win a free giveaway — no costume required! Don't miss out, and enjoy!



Nightshift - Half Off!

Normally $99 Today only $49!

Widely regarded as the best sound library of its kind — Nightshift is the pro's go-to collection for sheer sonic terror. It's so effective, a certain famous ghost hunting show paid handsomely to license it from us exclusively for a few seasons. Now that it's available to the public again, you too can set that distinct tone for any of your projects. Nothing else comes close.

Nightshift is packed with gigs of one-of-a-kind 24 bit audio — ranging from short cinematic impacts and risers to haunting long-playing soundscapes and audio scenes — some up to 3 minutes in length! 

Read the full description here, or Download the PDF Sound Index

Drift - Huge Savings!

Normally $69 Today only $49!

If you make any kind of ambient music, or have a need for deep ambient elements in any style project, Drift is a must-have. This is not the puffy, fluffy, soulless electronica you see everywhere that calls itself ambient. This is the deep stuff that defines the genre for those of us who leave and breathe it. This is as real as it gets, and you'll never find it priced this low. Do not miss this one!

Drift is a living, breathing, evolving ReFill. It has more than tripled in size with free updates, and continues to grow and evolve. Full description here.

Dark Instruments ReFill Bundle

We have hand-picked our darkest specialty instrument ReFills into an awesome bundle! Each one focuses on a specific vibe, and all are excellent for going extremely dark and moody.

Normally $124 Today only $49!


This limited edition bundle includes the dark granular madness of Grainframe 2, the steam-powered cinematic suspense of Pressure, the eerie delicate howl of Tiffany, the deep space soundscapes of Transmissions, the exotic black magic of Castaway, and the shattering intensity of Glas.

Hundreds of sounds and instruments to explore for endless possibilities


Chance to Win Two Chilling Sound Libraries!

Bug is a dark and twisted adventure through the NYC underground. Steam is a specially designed and remastered set of piping hot suspense atmospheres from the Nightshift sessions that is yet to be released.

Purchasing any of the amazing deals from this page will automatically enter you to win these libraries — a $40 value!