Drift $69


We don't f*ck around when it comes to ambient sound design. We just don't take ambient lightly around here - It's in our DNA. This isn't that thinned out, watered down nonsense that careless wannabes slap the "ambient" label on. This is the deep stuff, the dark stuff, the stuff that defines the genre for those who live and breathe it. Every shifting, crackling nuance is crafted to do one thing: stir emotion. That's what real ambient is all about; the details. 

Based on sounds from a top secret rack instrument from the NAA labs, our Clusterform project extracts spectral harmonic slices from a variety of sources at once, and resynthesizes them into new playable instruments, which we continually feed and sample the hell out of to build you this amazingly gorgeous collection. Drift is hands-down the best ambient ReFill we've done. Hell, this is the best ambient ReFill anyone's done.

If you need to breathe some seriously special emotion into your music and scoring projects, consider this your 50 gallon tub of extra thick organic secret sauce. Stir gently, cook slowly.

Protip: Wanna sound just like Biosphere with one finger? Load up the Subtrate instrument, and play a C0 on your keyboard.

Specs: 74 Combinator instruments & soundscape generators, 300MB of long play seamless evolving sound beds, 30+ Rex and wav loops, 15 NN-XT multi sampled instruments, plus loads more sfx and field samples. Root notes and loop points baked in. All 24 bit audio, 800MB of content. Reason 4 and up.

Drift is a living, breathing, evolving ReFill. After you've used it for a bit, leave your feedback here, and your input will help shape its evolution. 

Leave feedback for each new version, and you'll always get the next update free! Drift has TRIPLED in size since v1, and every update includes loads of new unique material. 

Windchill  $19

The organic, rich tones of traditional wind and brass transported to completely uncharted territory in your Reason rack. An arsenal of evocative and inspiring Combinators designed to breathe new life into your music and scoring projects powered by dozens of multi-sampled NN-XT instruments at the core of this collection. 

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you could pluck a flute like guitar, or inject the character of the piano into a saxophone? Go beyond bread n' butter. Windchill captures the unmistakable soul of real acoustic wind instruments and lets you play them in ways you never imagined. The result is completely new, yet musically familiar all at once.

Instantly mix, match, and tweak between ready-mapped sampler instruments, wav samples with embedded root notes and loop points, and a variety of stunning Combinator templates - for endless inspiration and possibilities. You'll even find a handful of virtuoso licks

40 Instruments, 47 Sources, Samples w/Embedded Loop Points and Root Notes, Compatible with Reason 5 or higher, Instant Download,


Every sound inside is made from real sampled acoustic wind and brass instruments — even the piano sounding bits!

Polar Elements  $49

"In the dead of winter we set out on field recording sessions in some of the iciest locations we could reach. We sampled a bowed upright bass outside in the middle of a blizzard, recorded giant tubular bells at the mouth of a cave, waves lapping on a frozen rocky beach, wind, snowstorms, creaking ice floes and more. We then took this material into the studio and with a whole lot of granular synthesis, resampling, some math and a little bit of voodoo we transformed them into a gorgeous set of playable musical instruments for your Reason rack that are oozing with character and unlike anything else on the planet. These instruments are simply stunning. Frostbite guaranteed."

Includes 100 Combinator instruments powered by 24 bit samples


Lost & Found  $49

Based on several years of late night NYC field recording footage, Lost & Found takes you on an unusual sonic trip through the streets of the Big Apple. Haunting carriage rides through Central Park, tourist chatter in Times Square, traffic, trains, and lots more orignal material power this unusual collection of dreamy sounds from the city that never sleeps. Musical loops and elements created from processed field recordings, city sound effects, found rhythms and long playing sound scenes are just some of what you'll find inside to explore, as well as a nice little selection of downtempo drum loops from our favorite Swedish tabletop drum machine, as well as playable Combinator instruments.

Specs: 90 Rex2's at 24 bit, 90 aiff loops at 24 bit, 42 Combinators, 426 MB of content. *Includes an additional 40 bonus percussion hits.


Physical Therapy Volume II $39

Physical Therapy blends exotic physical modeled plucked strings and tuned percussion, organic wind tones, lush textures, real nature field recordings and more to provide a set of expressive playable instruments that sound like nothing else on the planet.This is not a loops collection. What you hear in the audio demo are individual instrument racks played in realtime from a basic MIDI keyboard. Complementary tones and arpeggiated motifs are layered and cleverly programmed to enable you to perform these rich, complex ensembles with ease, and loads of hands-on control.

Specs: 73 Combinator Instruments and Ensembles, 43 NN-19s, 11 Rex Found Sound Hand Drum Loops, 100 Hand Drum Hits, 5 Field Recordings, 24 bit audio.


Project Echo $49

Project ECHO contains a wide variety of one-of-a-kind sounds generated from spectral analysis of high resolution NASA satellite images. The material ranges from light and airy solo synth lines, to big, gaseous clouds of sound, to evolving ambient textures and soundscapes. There's even a fun selection of film dialog from a vintage public domain documentary on NASA's original Echo project. The ReFill is organized into 10 collections which represent the celestial bodies that spawned their sounds, each with their own distinct characteristics and musical feel. You'll also find a handful of spacey playable Combinator instruments, including a Mission Control rack with over 5 octaves of playable vintage film dialog with effects. This unusual library is a great addition to any production that could use a dose of the atmospheric and otherworldly.

Specs: 160 Rex2's, 160 audio files, 7 Combinators, all 24 bit audio, 367 MB of content.


Healing Hands $19

This addition to the acclaimed Physical Therapy series is packed full of one-of-a-kind exotic percussion sounds to take your Reason 5 tracks to totally new places. Using a variety of acoustic modeling hardware and software, along with an assortment of real live hand percussion instruments and drums, we designed a diverse and sonically rich set of tools to inspire your musical adventures. Focusing on .drum patches for Kong, Healing Hands contains 140 original Kong drum presets. The drums are powered by 150 24 bit stereo samples, providing 3 velocity articulation layers for over 50 unique sound sources, as well as Kong's own physical modeling technology. Tribal skinned hand drums, metallic and glass bells, chimes and hand-held gongs, wood blocks, shakers, and hybrid percussion instruments that are from a world all their own. Additionally, you'll find over 70 24 bit stereo Rex loops, as well as a nice assortment of Kong Kits, Combinators and Dr. Octo Rex patches to help fuel your drum circle fire. Healing Hands provides one-of-a-kind inspirational sounds for Reason 5's most exciting new instrument. Mix, match and tweak these drums in endless combinations to create an never-ending supply of kits, loops and instruments of your very own.

Specs: 140 Kong .drum presets, 150 24 bit stereo samples, 72 Rex loops


Glas $19

Glass sings. It can be extremely fragile, or incredibly strong. All of the instrument racks in this unique ReFill are made of glass. More specifically, 24 bit samples of all kinds of glass, doing all kinds of different things. Bowed crystal bowls, wine glasses singing, wine glasses shattering, gently falling glass beads, resonating plates, and a whole lot of plinks, plunks and dings of all kinds. They are transformed here for you into a set of truly gorgeous musical instruments that are organic, surreal and a delight to play. There's a little bit of everything from pads and soundscapes, to fx, bass and percussive tones - all very expressive and very tweakable. The 24 bit samples which power these instruments have their root notes and loop points embedded already, so feel free to experiment by mixing and matching sounds between patches, and within any of your own sampler instruments. The source material for this ReFill comes courtesy of Berklee School of Music's sampling archive, and was commissioned as part of the One Laptop per Child music library, licensed under Creative Commons.

Specs: Includes 25 Combinators, 29 field recordings at 24 bit


Recoustics $49

Join us for peek inside the sampling archives of Berklee's Dr. Richard Boulanger, and the Open Path Music Custom Sample Library, where we focus on some sampled acoustic instruments from around the world. Featuring expressive, playable racks and patches powered by a wide variety of traditional and exotic wind, stringed and tuned percussion instruments, Recoustics will inject some truly special sounds into your music and scoring projects. These aren't your typical bread-and-butter pop snoozers. They each have a unique and organic quality of their own that you won't find in mainstream commercial libraries. That's why we selected them, warts and all. Inside, you'll find tuned percussion from the likes of a beautifully sampled Vibraphone, a variety of Asian Gongs, Toy Pianos, and more. There's even a bowed Glockenspiel! Toot away on some wind instruments from Asian Flutes to American horns and more. On the string front, you can pluck away at some uniquely-sampled acoustic guitars, Koto, Hammered Dulcimer and more. Be sure not to miss the awesomely expressive Upright Bass patches, complete with multiple velocity layers, slides and harmonics! The material is designed to be mixed and matched for designing an endless number of your own instruments. They are sorted, pitched, mapped and ready for action. Use the included Combinators as a jumping off point for your own tweaking, mix and match the dry NN-XT's for unheard-of combinations of your own, and dig deep into the 260+MB of sample material for anything you can dream up. Want to pair up a Kalimba with a Flugelhorn, backed by a Tibetan Prayer Bowl? Go to town! The source material for this ReFill was recorded and compiled for the One Laptop Per Child sample library and is licensed under Creative Commons.


MD16 $19

Behold, our beloved Elektron Machinedrum, sampled through the fanciest preamp we've ever had the pleasure of renting!

Mix and match between 100 original .drum presets for Kong to build endless kits of your own. Every .drum is powered by 24 bit samples, with two velocity articulations each…

The standard accent functionality of the Machinedrum only increases the volume of a hit, but we wanted to make this collection special - So we hand-programmed slight variations of every single sound to create custom velocity layers of our own - making for a much more expressive playing experience. 

This is a super versatile collection, and just the right size for quick browsing and inspiration. Immediately usable out of the box, or sprinkle in your own processing in Kong and take them anywhere. 

Specs: 100 Kong .drum presets, 200 samples at 24 bit, 150MB content



Physical Therapy Volume I $29

 Physical Therapy is not a collection of loops. What you hear in the audio demo are individual Combinator ensembles being played from a basic keyboard. By layering physical modeled mallet and percussion instruments with organic textures and nature field recordings, we've designed a unique set of instruments that are unlike anything else you've heard. Inside you'll find rich wood marimbas, exotic glass bells, dramatic metal chimes, gorgeous drum and percussion kits and beautiful nature field recordings sure to breathe new life into your music and film scores.

Specs: 54 Combinators, 25 NN-19s, 6 ReDrum Kits, 5 Scream Patches, 4 Field Recordings, 24 bit audio.

Krush $19

Tape, tubes, turntables, and top-secret "krustification" processes bring you this beefy set of gritty drums for Reason. With over 100 original samples and 140 Kong .drum presets, Krush is a beatmaking toolkit overflowing with authentic oldschool vinyl sampling character. Original tube-processed samples were captured to analog tape, and then meticulously combined with isolated vinyl artifacts for that dead-real vintage sampling feel, direct to the trusty MPC. 90's hardware timestretching, resampling and other "ancient secrets" provide the final digital finishing touches. Krush comes loaded with drum presets conveniently organized for fast access and auditioning directly from Kong. Mix, match and tweak your way through this library to craft endless kits of your own. Thick kicks, crusty snares, gritty hats and percussion, and a slew of stabs, fx and musical elements for your beat-based productions.

Specs: Includes 140 Kong Drum Presets, 106 Samples, a handful of Bonus Rex Loops and Kong Kits


Forest $19

"Following in the tradition of the acclaimed Physical Therapy series, this set of all new playable Combinator ensembles are some of the most beautiful sounding instruments we've ever designed. Featuring a handful of gorgeous stereo wildlife field recordings from around the world, breathtaking and expressive Malstrom instruments and physically modeled glass tones, Forest is just oozing with lush organic musicality that will breathe new life into your music or scoring project." Forest uses this beautiful collection of field recording pieces: "Birds in the forest" (Enchanted Duo)"Wetlands.birds.kowanyama" (PlaceStories)"Spring Storm in Nikko Japan 2011/05/17" (ZenHostel) - All / CC BY 3.0

Specs: Includes 25 Combinators, 54 Malstroms, 3 NN-19s, 4 Stereo Field Recordings, 47MB of Content


Transmissions $29

Boldly go where no man's gone before! Transmissions is a collection of playable instruments and soundscape generators powered by specially crafted 24bit/96khz stereo sample material inspired by deep space NASA communications, anomalous SETI signals and dark digital mishaps, designed with only the most adventurous space traveller in mind. Evolving pads, super cinematic atmospheres, fx, glitches, and more. Mix and match these seamlessly-looping soundscapes, motifs, gestural textures and instrumental tones within the playable Combinators to create epic sci-fi soundscapes, atmospheres and instruments that evolve, twist, turn and throb into orbit.

Featuring multilayered soundscapes, single playable instruments, and even some examples which combine acoustic instrument patches from the Reason Factory Soundbank for awesome cinematic ensembles. The soundscape patches you hear in the audio demo are performed by holding a single key on the keyboard! Transmissions is perfect for scoring projects, game music, or any production that can use a dose of zero gravity ambience. Loop points and root notes are embedded in every file for easy integration. Load them into any sampler instrument, drop them directly into the Reason timeline and tweak your way into uncharted territory, thanks to the complex and evolving nature of the material. You are highly encouraged to experiment with loop points and sample start settings to create an endless number of spaced out instruments and sounds of your own. The included instruments only begin to scratch the surface.

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 350MB Samples, 24bit/96khz Audio


Beast $49

Pure analog bass, with a twist! Beast captures the raw, low-end sonic power from an arsenal of classic analog synths, and turns them on their ear them with the high-tech sophistication of Reason. The result is killer authentic vintage tone, brought to totally new places with the power of the Combinator and your imagination. Beast also doubles as a powerful filter, effects and modulation workstation for any of your Reason devices. Explore completely new sonic territory with heads-up, hands-on control over everything in the rack. Tweak the custom multi-mode Thor-powered filter section in realtime. Bend and twist the filters and effects in crazy ways using the custom 4 LFO modulation section. Everything is wired, labeled and ready to rock. You can even swap out synth sounds independently on the fly, without changing the rest of the rack! The possibilities are endless.

Specs: 106 Combinators, 51 NN-19s, 24 bit audio

Repercussions $19

Repercussions is a wide open palette of unique drum and percussion tools designed from a vast array of real world objects. Basketballs, breaking lightbulbs, bottles, cans, dumpsters, starter pistols, and more — reimagined as an arsenal of .drum presets for the mighty KONG. 


Design & Build

Quickly audition all manner of Kicks, Snares, Toms, Claps, Cymbals, and a huge assortment of Exotic Percussion presets directly from Kong for rapid construction of your own original kits. They are ready to rock out of the box, and just begging to be tweaked and twisted into uncharted territory with Kong's fx modules. 

Use the example Kong kits to get the inspirational ball rolling, and a nice little assortment of Rex and wav loops adds a whole extra level of slice and dice potential to the mix. 


Layer up!

Any veteran beat maker or avid sample junky knows it's all about layering. Hand pick your way through over 130 exquisitely trimmed & leveled, neatly sorted samples (many with multiple velocity and articulation layers) to add that perfect special sauce to your tracks.

Repercussions is super versatile — from hip-hop to world music to EDM, and everything in between. 

Featuring redesigned sounds from the amazing Berklee Sampling Archive of Dr. Richard Boulanger, a portion of Repercussions proceeds goes to aid the important efforts of One Laptop Per Child — following in the successful footsteps of our Recoustics project.

Specs: 138 hits, 74 Kong .drum presets, bonus loops and kits.






Hint: Listen on headphones or monitors.


Floe $19

In the tradition of the acclaimed and best-selling Polar Elements, Floe is an all new collection of stunning ambient winter-themed Combinator instruments and ensembles. Icy pads, bone-chilling frozen soundscapes, arpeggiated motifs and more. Floe is powered by a brand new set of our custom-designed 24 bit granular field recording soundscapes, 80MB worth, with loop points and root notes embedded within for easy mixing, matching and experimentation. Drop these source files into any sample player in the rack to create new instruments of your own, or drop them directly onto your Reason timeline and loop away. If you are creating soundtracks, ambient, new age, chillout, downtempo or just need to inject some dramatic and chilly vibes into your music and scoring projects projects, this ReFill is for you. Floe is made for Reason 5 and up, with a handful of patches making use of some of the new effects in Reason 6.

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 80MB Source Samples


Tiffany $19

What would you do if you inherited a priceless antique crystal fruit bowl? Smack it with a mallet, of course!

This bowl really sings. A gentle tap will cause a beautiful sustaining G# to ring out endlessly. It was sampled with a variety of basic strike attacks, resonant singing type playing, as well as with a number of tone and pitch manipulations using water and damping techniques. Further additive and spectral processing allowed us to generate some unique multi-sampled instruments as well.

The custom Combinators lean toward the ambient and unusual, like most of our instruments, with the organic acoustic quality maintained throughout — even when things get really weird. The adventurer in you can dig in to the 24 bit source material to craft your own original custom sampler instruments — There's even a neat Kong Kit to bang on. 

We are happy to report that this family heirloom has made its way safely back to the dining room table, and is once again filled with delicious fruit. Grandma would be happy to see it being put to good use. Well, minus all the smacking it with sticks. Enjoy!

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 1 Kong Kit, and over 100MB of 24 bit stereo source audio


Pressure $19

Add a distinct sense of suspense, pressure and dark atmosphere to your music and scoring projects with this unique set of Combinator instruments for Reason. Powered by a brand new set of hand-crafted 24 bit steam recording soundscapes, Pressure is bursting at the weld seams with a diverse set of dense and intense playable atmospheric rack instruments, with loads of tweakability and hands-on control. Use the 100+ MB of sample footage to create even more steamy new instruments of your own, or drop them directly into the timeline in Record and go nuts.

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 24 bit audio, 110MB of Content


MD8 $19

"We used the mighty Swedish Elektron Machinedrum to create 8 drum kits, each containing 8 drums. We used each kit to make 8 loop sets spanning 8 different BPMs from 68 to 158. In addition to the audio and Rex loops, there are a handful of Dr. Octo Rex patches and Combinators to get you started.This is a versatile little ReFill with some neat tricks up its sleeve. There is a mode-switchable filter, realtime loop envelope control for pseudo "scratch" type effects, hands-on loops selection and more. Loads more experimentation possibilites turn up when you start editing slices in Dr. Octo Rex, not to mention the crazy KONG kits you can make with these Rex loops. The 24 bit audio loops are included as well for direct use in the timeline, Recycle, and more."

Specs: Includes 64 Rex 2 Loops at 24 bit, 64 AIFF Loops at 24 bit, 18 Combinators, 8 Dr. Octo Rex Patches, 60 MB of Content


Grainframe 2 $19

Using custom granular synthesis techniques a wide variety of found sounds, acoustic instruments, field recordings and more have been processed into 24 bit sampler food for your Reason music and scoring projects. The source material was captured, chewed up and spit out into this set of stunning atmospheric soundscape Combinator instruments. Dramatic, evolving and complex, yet not losing site of their earthly and organic roots, even during deep space orbit. All of the source material has their base notes and loop points embedded, so you can load them up into any sampler patch and take them to all new places of your own.

Specs: Includes 25 Combinators, 16 Stereo Sampler Sources at 24 bit


Grainframe $19

Grainframe is a sonic adventure through the strange and beautiful world of granular synthesis. This collection of stunning Combinator instrument ensembles is powered by a set of specially designed stereo waveforms which were created with custom-made granular processing tools. Acoustic instruments, field recordings, human voices and more were sampled, processed and turned into these expressive and cinematic playable instruments for your music and scoring projects. Layered alongside beautiful Malstrom graintable patches, these instruments come alive as evolving, complex soundscapes merely by playing simple chords. Truly one-of-a-kind sounds here.

Specs: Includes 25 Combinators, 1 Kong Kit, 17 Stereo Sources in 24 bit